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Who's Who

 Meet the staff at our school!
Principal: Mrs Lorna Stitt
Nursery: Mrs C. Johnston   Mrs P. Moore (CA)  Mrs N. Mahood (CA)   Mrs J Magee (CA)
P1: Mrs V Murray   Mrs P Thompson (CA)   
P2: Mrs K Spence  Mrs M Caughey (CA)   Mr M Armstrong (CA)
P3: Miss J Johnston  Mrs S Thompson (CA) 
P4: Mrs L Hughes  Miss LJ Adair (CA)
P5: Mrs K Hughes   Mrs C McBride (CA)
P6: Mrs C Mawhinney
P7: Miss J Shooter 
Special Needs: Mrs L Bourne


Senior Leadership Team:
Mrs L Stitt - Principal
Mrs V Murray - Head of Foundation & KS1
Mrs K Hughes - Head of KS2

Secretary: Mrs A Adair
Building Supervisor: Mr W Bailie
Domestic Supervisors: Mrs D McCully
Meals Supervisor: Mrs B Lyons

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs E Bailie
Crossing Patrol: Mr S Young

Chair: Mr J Young                   Vice Chair: Mr S Mawhinney
C of I: Rev J Hemphill             Mr J Miskimmin
Pres.  Rev M Wade                Mr P Johnston
Parent reps: Mr J Bailie          Mrs C Cowan
Teacher rep: Mrs K Hughes
Secretary: Mrs L Stitt (Principal)