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Welcome to P5!
Hi Everyone!

Welcome to P5

 Our topic is 'Titanic.' We will be learning all about this famous ship by painting, drawing maps, using a Titanic Passengers database, drawing graphs, writing and completing a project on it to present to the class.


P5 visited the 'Titanica' exhibition at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum on Wed 25th April. Our photograph was in the Ards Chronicle. 


We are continuing with Accelerated Reading, spelling, grammar, writing and learning our dividing tables, starting our new topics of Decimals and Measures. P5 will also be awarded our Pen Licences in Assembly for progressing to joined writing.


We are looking forward to all fun things we will be doing in the term. Be sure to call back and look in our gallery to see more pictures of us hard at work and play!


Mrs Hughes 
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Picture 1 Joel winning 'The Nasty Game' using decimals
Picture 2 Story Wands in Group Guided reading
Picture 3 P5 trip to Transport Museum
Picture 4 We visited the'Titanica'exhibition
Picture 5 Nathan and Max as Captains
Picture 6 Robbie wearing a Duncher's hat
Picture 7 Emma and Jude as Captains
Picture 8 Sandy and Jade as Captains
Picture 9 Learning all about Titanic
Picture 10 Remembering the lives lost
Picture 11 Gift shop, sweet shop and playtime!
Picture 12 Fractions totalling 1
Picture 13 Watching our class video diary
Picture 14 Right angle hunt
Picture 15 Finding right angles around school
Picture 16 We made right angle monsters
Picture 17 Burying our P5 Time Capsule
Picture 18 Using prefix and suffix wheels to make new words
Picture 19 World Book Day 2018
Picture 20 Oliver as Willy Wonka
Picture 21 Emma as Gangsta Granny
Picture 22 Ashton as Greg (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
Picture 23 Aimee as Violet Beauregarde
Picture 24 Caleb as Billionaire Boy
Picture 25 Matthew as Gangsta Granny
Picture 26 Jake as Mr Majeika
Picture 27 Nathan as Billionaire Boy
Picture 28 Jude as Mike Teevee
Picture 29 Paired reading with Nursery
Picture 30 STEM Challenge
Picture 31 STEM - How Strong is a Piece of Paper?
Picture 32 STEM Challenge
Picture 33 Playing 'The Remainder Game'
Picture 34 100th Day of School fun activities
Picture 35 Debate - Is the Curse of the Mummy Real?
Picture 36 Burns' Night Choir
Picture 37 Homophones game - Find Your Partner!
Picture 38 Presenting our PowerPoints on Egypt
Picture 39 Practical - remainders in division
Picture 40 Playing 'Clumps' game to introduce remainders
Picture 41 Our Ancient Egyptians!
Picture 42 Mummy Race
Picture 43 Making Pharaoh headdresses
Picture 44 Cracking hieroglyphic secret messages
Picture 45 Trying Egyptian foods
Picture 46 Fun activities
Picture 47 Performing our mummy rap with instruments
Picture 48 Mmm tasty!
Picture 49 Wrapping our mummies
Picture 50 Jade our Egyptian princess
Picture 51 Hannah our firefighter
Picture 52 Equal sharing
Picture 53 Making & using our 9x tables chatterboxes
Picture 54 Ulster Museum trip (in Chronicle)
Picture 55 Interactive history
Picture 56 Writing our names in hieroglyphics
Picture 57 Trying an Egyptian pillow!
Picture 58 Takabuti
Picture 59 Egyptian lesson
Picture 60 Maddox brought in a painting to show in Assembly
Picture 61 Awarded our Chester's Challenge certificates
Picture 62 Presenting our Memory Boxes
Picture 63 Accelerated reading certificate winners
Picture 64 Awarded swimming achievements
Picture 65 Primary School Christmas Musical
Picture 66 Chester's Challenge - Exercise and the Heart
Picture 67 Jungle Run - Healthy Lifestyle
Picture 68 P5 2017/18
Picture 69 P5 Assembly
Picture 70 Kid Goats
Picture 71 Prayer
Picture 72 Narrators
Picture 73 Choral Speakers
Picture 74 Spooky art and craft
Picture 75 Fancy dress Halloween
Picture 76 Thanks PTA for our fun afternoon!
Picture 77 Sorting sentence strips into paragraphs
Picture 78 Visiting the Recycling Van
Picture 79 Stone Age Picnic
Picture 80 Cave Paintings
Picture 81 Nathan, Oliver, Max and Joel
Picture 82 Caleb, Jonah, Johnny, Robbie, Maddox, Hannah, Emma
Picture 83 Ashton, Dylan, Sandy, Alesha, Jude, Kain, Robbie
Picture 84 Scarlett, Ellie, Jake, Aimee, Lewis, Matthew
Picture 85 Stone Age Detectives - What is the artefact?
Picture 86 Great tomb building Maddox!
Picture 87 Discovering how cavemen lived
Picture 88 Grinding to make flour
Picture 89 Clay modelling Neolithic pots
Picture 90 Ashton and Jude weaving a wattle wall
Picture 91 Scarlett and Aimee designing their pots
Picture 92 A great success Jude!
Picture 93 Robbie, Jonah and Caleb weaving on a loom
Picture 94 Slideshow on Early Ireland
Picture 95 Making fire in the playground and baking bread
Picture 96 Stone Age axes completed!