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Welcome to P5!
Hi Everyone!

Welcome to P5

We are looking to forward to a great year ahead. We have lots of exciting things to learn, do and places to visit. In Numeracy we will be dividing, using fractions and problem solving. In Literacy we will be learning spellings, reading, writing and grammar. 





Our topic for Jan-Feb is ''Ancient Egypt.' We will be going to the Ulster Museum to meet Takabuti the mummy and having an Egyptian Day in class on Fri 1st Feb. We will be dressing up, making headdresses, having a ''Mummy Race' and cracking hieroglyphic secret codes!


We are looking forward to all fun things we will be doing in the term. Be sure to call back and look in our gallery to see more pictures of us hard at work and play!


Mrs Hughes 
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Picture 1 P5 visit Takabuti
Picture 2 Egyptian lesson
Picture 3 Finding artefacts
Picture 4 Fun in the treehouse!
Picture 5 Looking out over Botanic Gardens
Picture 6 The tropical rainforest was hot!
Picture 7 Waterfall
Picture 8 Computer research
Picture 9 Takabuti herself!
Picture 10 Shannon trying an Egyptian pillow
Picture 11 Our resting heart rates in Chester's Challenge
Picture 12 Moderate to high intensity exercise
Picture 13 Voting using digital keypads
Picture 14 Mental maths - Cowboys
Picture 15 Organising sentence strips into paragraphs
Picture 16 Learning how to paragraph
Picture 17 Best boy's costume - Isaac
Picture 18 Scary P5!
Picture 19 Best girl's costume- Madison
Picture 20 Stone age picnic
Picture 21 Leah Level 2 Acc Reader!
Picture 22 Level 1 Acc Readers
Picture 23 Jessica,Noah,Hannah,Owen,Paige,Harley,Eva&Merci
Picture 24 Brody,Jonah,Aimee,Isaac,Mason Grace,Lexi&Benjamin
Picture 25 Jude,Bradley,Cruz,Oliver,Amy,Shannon,Khiana&Leah
Picture 26 Bella, Ollie, Lewis, Maddie, Toby and Cooper
Picture 27 Building tombs
Picture 28 Making flour
Picture 29 Being Stone Age Detectives
Picture 30 Measuring and finding out about artefacts
Picture 31 Khiana weaving a wattle wall
Picture 32 Brody grinding to make flour
Picture 33 Jessica making stone age rubbings
Picture 34 Making clay Neolithic pots
Picture 35 Cruz and Bradley weaving
Picture 36 Hunting a wild boar
Picture 37 Starting fire and cooking bread
Picture 38 Watching a slideshow about early man
Picture 39 Painting our axes
Picture 40 Constructing our Stone Age axes
Picture 41 Stone Age Exhibition
Picture 42 Looking at exhibition of artefacts
Picture 43 Weaving wool on a loom
Picture 44 Drawing and colouring artefacts
Picture 45 P5 stars!
Picture 46 P5 present... 'The Prodigal Son!'
Picture 47 The Prodigal Son - Grace
Picture 48 Instruments - Leah, Hannah, Benjamin,Mason & Jonah
Picture 49 Dad& sons - Lexi, Paige & Grace
Picture 50 Kind farmer - Benjamin
Picture 51 Son&Friends- Cruz, Toby, Grace, Merci &Aimee
Picture 52 Narrators - Shannon, Amy & Eva
Picture 53 Narrators- Lewis and Bradley
Picture 54 Narrators - Cooper, Noah & Ollie
Picture 55 Narrators - Jude, Bella & Jessica
Picture 56 Narrators - Oliver, Harley, Madison, Brody & Isaac
Picture 57 Narrators- Khiana & Owen
Picture 58 P5 2018/19
Picture 59 Owen winning Mathletics certificates
Picture 60 Playing exchanging games in place value
Picture 61 Using Reading Wands
Picture 62 Gymnastics medals and certificates