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Welcome to Nursery!
I would like to offer a warm welcome to everyone new to Portavogie Nursery.

The detached nursery unit is situated in the grounds of the school and is considered an integral and important part of the primary school. The nursery is bright, cheerful and extensively furnished with an excellent range of play equipment and resources. 

In September we will be settling the children gradually into school. We will all spend time getting to know each other.  The children will become familiar with the nursery routines and we will be discussing ourselves, our families and our pets. More importantly we will all spend a lot of time getting messy at the art and craft activities.

Please take a look at some of our class photographs below and visit again soon.
Mrs C Johnston
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Picture 1 Mrs Johnston
Picture 2 Mrs Moore
Picture 3 Mrs Mahood

Early Maths














Making circles













Outside Play





Isaac can recognise his numbers


















Jake spies a rainbow







Finding circles during outside play.







Physical Development





















100 star jumps for 100 days at school.




Creative Development





John made a snowman.







Chloe drew a butterfly















Personal, Social and Emotional Development




Developing role play skills.





















Language and Literacy



Chloe enjoyed listening to a story.





Book browsing







Pre- writing skills


Using vehicles to mark make in the flour.









The World Around Us



Signs of Autumn



Planting flowers and bulbs.







Sampling food from around the world.