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Hi there & welcome to the P6 class page.

In the P6 classroom you will find us working hard but having fun as we learn new and exciting things each day. Our first topic - Eco Warriors, takes us on a journey of discovery through the tropical rainforests of the equatorial zone. We will embrace life in the rainforest as we learn about the animals, plants and people who live there. Whilst at the same time, we can appreciate our individual responsibility to contribute to the conservation of the environment as we consider bigger global issues.  Later in the year we make an exploration into the wonders of space and our solar system. In the Spring, the class will be getting into role as Viking Warriors as part of their Invaders topic. They will be given the opportunities to study the Vikings at Home, Vikings as Warriors, Vikings as Explorers & Settlers and searching for evidence of their visits and settlements along the Ards Peninsula. 

Alongside the art, dance and music there will be themed days, trips and outings, and of course - always lots of numeracy! This year P6 are 'Going for Gold' and striving to do themselves proud across the curriculum - and everyone in our classroom is aiming to do just that! Let the learning commence.

Keep an eye on this page as I will be updating it with photographs to share our achievements and experiences.

Enjoy learning about P6 Portavogie. It really is as good as it sounds!

Mrs C Mawhinney

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites! 

Meet P6

Meet P6 1
Meet P6 2

Listening to the Sounds of the Rainforest

Listening to the Sounds of the Rainforest 1


Imagery 1
Imagery 2
Imagery 3

Classroom Contracts

Classroom Contracts 1
Classroom Contracts 2

Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation 1
Art Appreciation 2
Art Appreciation 3

Creating a Rainforest Tree

Creating a Rainforest Tree 1
Creating a Rainforest Tree 2
Creating a Rainforest Tree 3


IZAK 9  1
IZAK 9  2

The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle 1 One large water droplet
The Water Cycle 2 The sun is shining! The water droplet spreads out.
The Water Cycle 3 The water vapour rises.
The Water Cycle 4 As it rises, it cools and condenses.
The Water Cycle 5 It is now too heavy and falls as a water droplet.

Singing in a Round

Still image for this video
Vocal equivalence of a cannon

Constructing a Working Water Cycle

Constructing a Working Water Cycle 1
Constructing a Working Water Cycle 2
Constructing a Working Water Cycle 3
Constructing a Working Water Cycle 4
Constructing a Working Water Cycle 5
Constructing a Working Water Cycle 6
Constructing a Working Water Cycle 7
Constructing a Working Water Cycle 8

Self Evaluation

Self Evaluation 1
Self Evaluation 2
Self Evaluation 3
Picture 1 Red. Our new friend and colleague

Cowboys - Number bonds to 60

Cowboys - Number bonds to 60 1
Cowboys - Number bonds to 60 2


Cover-ups  1
Cover-ups  2
Cover-ups  3

Sound Story

Sound Story 1
Sound Story 2
Sound Story 3
Sound Story 4

Viking Braclets

Viking Braclets 1

Group work - calculating % of

Group work - calculating % of 1
Group work - calculating % of 2
Group work - calculating % of 3
Group work - calculating % of 4
Group work - calculating % of 5
Group work - calculating % of 6

Viking Day in P6

Viking Day in P6 1
Viking Day in P6 2
Viking Day in P6 3
Viking Day in P6 4
Viking Day in P6 5
Viking Day in P6 6

Decoding Messages

Decoding Messages 1

Grinding Grain

Grinding Grain  1
Grinding Grain  2
Grinding Grain  3
Grinding Grain  4

Playing Viking Games

Playing Viking Games 1
Playing Viking Games 2
Playing Viking Games 3

Chain mail Relay

Chain mail Relay 1
Chain mail Relay 2
Chain mail Relay 3
Chain mail Relay 4

Combat Skils

Combat Skils 1
Combat Skils 2
Combat Skils 3

Looking at Viking Artefacts

Looking at Viking Artefacts  1
Looking at Viking Artefacts  2
Looking at Viking Artefacts  3

World Book Day

World Book Day  1
World Book Day  2

Reading to P1

Reading to P1 1
Reading to P1 2
Reading to P1 3
Reading to P1 4