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Welcome to P3!

We have a busy year ahead in P3 with lots of interesting things happening! We have just completed our first term with the topic of Superheroes looking at ourselves and what makes us unique.  We have been thinking about who we consider to be heroes and looking at famous heroes from past and present. There is a lot of craft work associated with the topic such as our fabulous superhero eye masks and we even made our own superhero jet packs, as well as developing our drawing and painting skills to create a superhero action painting!

In the Spring Term we embark on our topic about 'Castles, Knights and Dragons', where we have lots of fun learning in creative ways such as through exploration, play, fact finding, crafts, as well as our trip to Carrickfergus Castle! Please do keep a look out on our page for lots of photos!


We have just approached the end of what has been a very busy but fun-filled term of learning in P3! We're looking forward to starting 2018 with another action-packed term full of exciting activities!


Miss J Johnston


Meet our wonderful P3 class!

Meet our wonderful P3 class! 1
P3 had the opportunity to visit Carrickfergus Castle as part of our work on 'Castles, Knights and Dragons'.  As you can see a very enjoyable day was had by all of the children!  The children were able to see in reality all the parts of the castle as well as even getting the chance to dress up in clothing wore by different people who would have lived in the castle.  Take a look through our photos to see what activities we got up to whilst there!

Practical Maths

Practical Maths 1 Alex Measuring
Practical Maths 2 Lexie Measuring
Practical Maths 3 Maisie, Casey. Dylan, Zion and Rossi measuring
Practical Maths 4 Jonathan, Christopher, Dylan and Zion measuring
Practical Maths 5 Busy Measuring!
Practical Maths 6 Freya Measuring
Practical Maths 7 Busy Measuring!
Practical Maths 8 Caleb Measuring
Practical Maths 9 Will and Charlie measuring
Practical Maths 10 Busy Measuring!
Practical Maths 11 Busy Measuring!
Practical Maths 12 Busy Measuring!
Practical Maths 13 Emily Measring
Practical Maths 14 Christopher, Maisie and Casey
Practical Maths 15 Jack Measuring
Practical Maths 16 Kara and Lucy Measuring
Practical Maths 17 Sophie Measurig
Practical Maths 18 Maisie and Casey Measuring
Practical Maths 19 Ollie Measuring
Practical Maths 20 Maisy and Ollie - Near Doubles Game
Practical Maths 21 Dylan and Alex - Near Doubles Game
Practical Maths 22 Maisie and Lola - Near Doubles Game
Practical Maths 23 Freya and Casey - Near Doubles Game
Practical Maths 24 Christopher and Will - Near Doubles Game
Practical Maths 25 Olivia and Kara - Near Doubles Game
Practical Maths 26 Lexie and Sienna - Near Doubles Game
Practical Maths 27 Caleb and Christie - Near Doubles Game
Practical Maths 28 Jack and Jaxon - Near Doubles Game

A Midwife Crisis!

We are immensely proud of all of the children who performed in our Christmas nativity, 'A Midwife Crisis'!  The children worked incredibly hard learning all of their lines, songs and dance routines.  A fabulous effort by all involved!

P3 Superheroes!

P3 Superheroes! 1
P3 Superheroes! 2
P3 Superheroes! 3
P3 Superheroes! 4
P3 Superheroes! 5
P3 Superheroes! 6
P3 Superheroes! 7
P3 Superheroes! 8
P3 Superheroes! 9
P3 Superheroes! 10
P3 Superheroes! 11
P3 Superheroes! 12
P3 Superheroes! 13
P3 Superheroes! 14
P3 Superheroes! 15
P3 Superheroes! 16
P3 Superheroes! 17
P3 Superheroes! 18
P3 Superheroes! 19
P3 Superheroes! 20
P3 Superheroes! 21
P3 Superheroes! 22
P3 Superheroes! 23
P3 Superheroes! 24
As part of our Superheroes topic, the children have worked with a range of materials to create their Superhero eye masks and jet packs.  We have used materials such as card, tissue paper, cups, plastic bottles, tin foil and ribbon to create our desired output.  As you can see the children looked fantastic as they 'zoomed' out of school with their superhero equipment!

Winter Art

Winter Art 1
Winter Art 2
Winter Art 3
Winter Art 4

Melted Snowman Biscuits!

As part of our instruction writing, we had lots of fun making delicious Melted Snowman Biscuits! It was very apt that we happened to be making these on our snow day! Have a look at our budding chefs working hard!

Picture 1 Zion
Picture 2 Lucy
Picture 3 Isabella
Picture 4 Lola
Picture 5 Alfie
Picture 6 Jack
Picture 7 Freya
Picture 8 Kalen
Picture 9 Emily
Picture 10 Joel
Picture 11 Freya
Picture 12 Dylan
Picture 13 Lexie
Picture 14 Maisie
Picture 15 Jonathan
Picture 16 Zion
Picture 17 Kara
Picture 18 Casey
Picture 19 Ollie
Picture 20 Lola
Picture 21 Christopher
Picture 22 Caleb
Picture 23 Jaxon

Lollipop Superheroes

Lollipop Superheroes 1 Olivia
Lollipop Superheroes 2 Christie
Lollipop Superheroes 3 Emily
Lollipop Superheroes 4 Jaxon
Lollipop Superheroes 5 Kalen
Lollipop Superheroes 6 Jonathan
Lollipop Superheroes 7 Emily
Lollipop Superheroes 8 Casey and Joel
Lollipop Superheroes 9 Maisy and Ollie
Lollipop Superheroes 10 Charlie
Lollipop Superheroes 11 Rossi
Lollipop Superheroes 12 Lucy
Lollipop Superheroes 13 Lexie
Lollipop Superheroes 14 Alex
Lollipop Superheroes 15 Dylan
Lollipop Superheroes 16 Rhys
As part of our work in Literacy, in following instructions, we created our own lollipop superheroes. To do so, we were given a set of written instructions in pairs, which we had to carefully follow from the list of things you will need; to carrying out each step in order to produce our completed task. I think you will agree that P3 were great at doing this task!

Superhero Action Paintings!

Superhero Action Paintings! 1
Superhero Action Paintings! 2
Superhero Action Paintings! 3
Superhero Action Paintings! 4
Superhero Action Paintings! 5
Superhero Action Paintings! 6
Superhero Action Paintings! 7
Superhero Action Paintings! 8
Superhero Action Paintings! 9
Superhero Action Paintings! 10
Superhero Action Paintings! 11
Superhero Action Paintings! 12
Superhero Action Paintings! 13
Superhero Action Paintings! 14
Superhero Action Paintings! 15
Superhero Action Paintings! 16
Superhero Action Paintings! 17
Superhero Action Paintings! 18
Superhero Action Paintings! 19
Superhero Action Paintings! 20
Superhero Action Paintings! 21
Superhero Action Paintings! 22
Superhero Action Paintings! 23
Superhero Action Paintings! 24
Superhero Action Paintings! 25
Superhero Action Paintings! 26
Superhero Action Paintings! 27
Superhero Action Paintings! 28
The children in P3 worked incredibly hard to develop their drawing and painting skills to create these detailed 'Superheroes in Action' pictures.  Impressive work from all of the boys and girls!

Activity Based Learning

Activity Based Learning 1 Kara and Maisie
Activity Based Learning 2 Lucy
Activity Based Learning 3 Alfie
Activity Based Learning 4 Maisy
Activity Based Learning 5 Emily and Jonathan
Activity Based Learning 6 Rhys and Christie
Activity Based Learning 7 Caleb and Olivia
Activity Based Learning 8 Sophie and Jaxon
Activity Based Learning 9 Lexie and Christopher
Activity Based Learning 10 Sienna and Dylan
Activity Based Learning 11 Freya and Alex
Activity Based Learning 12 Emily and Jack
Activity Based Learning 13 Lola and Kalen
Activity Based Learning 14 Maisie and Will
Activity Based Learning 15 Zion and Joel
Activity Based Learning 16 Charlie and Isabella
Activity Based Learning 17 Rossi
Activity Based Learning 18 Casey and Maisie
Activity Based Learning 19 Caleb, Rhys and Christie
Activity Based Learning 20 Sophie, Jonathan, Jaxon and Zion
Activity Based Learning 21 Jaxon alphabetical ordering
Activity Based Learning 22 Sophie and Rossi word and picture matching
Activity Based Learning 23 Sophie - all complete!

Autumn Leaf Art

P3 worked hard to create these beautiful leaf art pictures.  Here are a small sample of the imaginative ideas that the children thought of for their completed masterpieces!

Hallowe'en Fun Day!

Practical Maths

P3 have been busy learning their numbers up to 100 and even beyond! We have been understanding the terms less, more and between to help us to understand our numbers.  Take a look at some of the activities we have been doing!

Picture 1 Impressive number work from Christopher!
Picture 2 Astounding addition from Freya!
Picture 3 Amazing Addition from Ollie!
Picture 1 Our winner Maisie!
Picture 2 Our winner Lucy!
Picture 3 Our winner Christopher!
Picture 4 Number Bingo!
Picture 5 Number Bingo!
Picture 6 Number Bingo!
Picture 7 Number Bingo!
Picture 1 Number ordering to 100!
Picture 2 Number ordering to 100!
Picture 3 Number ordering to 100!
Picture 4 1 more and 1 less
Picture 5 1 more and 1 less
Picture 6 1 more and 1 less
Picture 7 1 more and 1 less
Picture 8 1 more and 1 less
Picture 9 1 more and 1 less
Picture 10 Sophie ordering numbers to 30!
Picture 11 Jaxon ordering numbers to 30!
Picture 12 Sophie and Jaxon ordering numbers to 30!