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Revised Update : Monday 24th August. Back to School Information for P2.

Welcome to P2!


Hello and Welcome to P2!

In P2 we have so much fun learning lots of interesting and challenging things every day.  Our first topic is very exciting - we learn all about Outer Space as we launch boldly into Infinity and beyond! Later this term we will investigate 'Our Village' which will include getting out and about. In the New Year, P2 will be wrapping up warm as we venture North as Polar Explorers. We will also be visiting a land far, far away where so many magical things happened 'Once Upon a Time...'. Our final topics include Dinosaurs and Sunshine and Shells.

We hope to keep this page updated with lots of pictures to help give you a little insight into all the fun activities we get up to in P2!


Get ready to Blast Off!

Mrs K Spence 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Outdoor Play 

Class Pictogram

The Story of 5

Cuboid Hunt

Story of 3


Phonic 'ch'

Change me

Phonic 'qu'

Grab the word game


Earth, Moon and Sun