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Translink Meeting

Notes from meeting with Translink held at Portavogie PS on Thursday 4th June, 2015

Forasmuch as Translink cannot provide a direct bus they have listened to our concerns and have arranged the following to commence on September 1st, 2015.
A bus will now leave Kirkistown Golf Club at 7.20a.m. This will pass through Portavogie and Ballyhalbert to arrive in Donaghadee at 8.10a.m. where passengers can transfer to a Bangor bus.

The school bus will leave Bangor Grammar at 3.43p.m. and take children to the station to connect with the 3A service. This will always be a double decker so the children cannot confuse it with the No. 3 service which will be a single deck bus. Children can remain on this bus which will then leave Bangor at 4p.m.and travel to Ballywalter where it will connect with the Portaferry bus (This will wait for the school bus) ensuring the children are home by 5.00p.m.

The Education Board has already been contacted by one parent asking about extending bus pass destination, i.e. changing Ballywalter to Portavogie. This does not appear to pose any problems.
The above timetable is only for term times. Outside term times and Public Holidays the current timetable will run.(Copy of timetable available from school office).

Many thanks to Billy McMaster for travelling to Portavogie to meet with the residents/ parents and to Translink for responding so positively to our concerns at a time when financial restrictions are affecting so many.

Very much appreciated.