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Homework procedures

Homework Procedures 


As part of our “Recovery Curriculum” schools have been advised to revise policies and procedures as required to ensure children, who may be struggling with the full time return to school, have breathing space to adapt. Forasmuch as our children have been amazing on their return, and credit goes to you for the support you have shown to both children and class teachers, we are clearly seeing the need for these reviews in a number of areas.

As a result, we will be including a range of activities, as advised by ETI and other sources, to encourage a positive response to school and the new procedures children are now facing. It is fair to say, watching the children, especially after lunch, many are finding a full day challenging. This is partly due to having less movement throughout the day, i.e. no assemblies, eating in classes, reduced resources in the rooms, etc.

As a consequence of this, we are currently revising our homework procedures. Format will be as follows with some flexibility as FS, KS1 and KS2 content will be very different.

(Spellings, tables and reading ongoing throughout the week)

Monday: Spellings and tables for the week will be uploaded to Seesaw.

+   Literacy activity

Tuesday: Numeracy activity

Wednesday: Wellbeing activity.

Thursday: Mathletics/ Bug Club

As with all things currently, our procedures will continue to evolve as children adapt to new procedures.

The following times are approximate but would be suitable times for children to complete the activities given. If your child has remained focused during completion but is taking considerably longer than the times shown, they should be encouraged to stop. Teachers can be advised via Seesaw if your child is struggling with the activities given. The aim of homeworks should be encouraging good study habits and consolidation of work covered in class, not a struggle or, worse still, cause an argument!

P1/2 approx. 15 minutes.

P3/4 approx. 20 minutes.

P5 approx. 25 minutes

P6/7 approx. 30 minutes.

I hope you will agree your child’s positive response to school should be our combined priority and thank you again for your continued support.


Kind regards,

Lorna Stitt