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Getting started

Some additional information to help prepare for your child's return.

  • Mon, Wed+ Fri children should wear Formal/ summer uniform
  • Tues+ Thurs PE kit
  • Small bottle  handgel should be included in pencil case
  • Break should be brought in named disposable bag which will be placed under desks on arrival . Lunch boxes can be brought for lunch items and will be kept outside rooms until needed.
  • Water fountains will not be in use. Children can bring a labelled water bottle for use during the day (to contain water only)
  • Any additional items being brought on day 1 (e.g. glues) should be placed in a disposable bag.
  • Keep checking the website for ongoing updates.
  • Children will be released in family groups with the eldest child.


Arrival times:

P7 8.55am

P6 9.00am

P5 9.05am

P4 9.10am

P3 9.15am

P2 9.20am

P1 and Nursery 9.30am


Children will leave in family groups at the eldest child's time.

Please pre arrange a place to meet away from the school gate for older children (P5-7):-

P7 1.55pm

P6 1.55pm

P5 2.00pm

P4 2.00p.m.

P3 2.05p.m.

P2 2.05pm

The remainder of P1 will be brought to the gate after all other children have left.